The Inspiration Behind Featured Brides of 2018

Find out why Blush Beautiful decided to do a Featured Brides of 2018 blog!

2018 Featured Brides

It's just the sweetest thing!

One of my favorite parts of working with my Brides-to be is asking them how they met their fiance. It is so sweet to see their eyes light up as they gush about how the two of them met, and how life brought them to the point of deciding to make it a forever thing!

I thought to myself, I am so lucky to be able to share in the story of someone's love, and hold space for the beauty of connection! I mean, who wouldn't love hearing these stories, right?

That's when I had a light bulb moment : Why not share these stories with my community, and give them a chance to be inspired by these stories too?!

Their story, in their words.

I decided to reach out to my 2018 brides and ask them if they wanted to help create this project with me. After all, I couldn't do this as impactfully without them!

The following blogs are their love stories, in their words; as well as a few words about their experience working with Blush Beautiful. Some stories are written in the first person, and some are written in the third person, but they are ALL written from the HEART.

I hope you find as much joy and inspiration in their love stories as I have! <3

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