Get to Know my CLients: Larissa

Larissa Kelley taps into her inner spooky goddess for this Halloween inspired boudoir

shoot at Historic Shady Lane with Callisto Boudoir photography. Keep reading

to learn a bit about Larissa and her boudoir experience in her own words .

Hey there! My name is Larissa and I currently reside in Lancaster, PA. I work in sales at a

local Boutique Hotel and I also bartend as a side hustle. 

I’ve always struggled with self confidence and have dealt with very negative body image

issues ever since I was a kid, but have worked very hard to change my mindset about

these things. I considered doing a glammed up boudoir photo shoot for years but never

felt like it was the right time/my body was right for it/my nose was too big/ what if I

won’t photograph well etc etc...and then I saw the Ashley’s boudoir Facebook page and

Melody’s work in the photos and I immediately knew I had to just jump into it. So after a

small bit of though and a big glass of wine, I signed right up. 

When I first met Melody at the venue, we had an instant connection and went right into conversation like we were long lost friends. She knew exactly what I was looking for

when I said I wanted dark and moody with a hint of spooky for the shoot we were doing.

She made me feel so gorgeous, and her energy is so incredible it was impossible to feel

negative or nervous about the experience. When I looked in the mirror before the shoot

started I felt beautiful, sexy, and so ready to work it.

During the shoot I realized I didn’t need to keep worrying if my body “wasn’t ready” for a

boudoir session or if I wasn’t going to photograph well because I felt so empowered in

that moment. After our time was up, I couldn’t wait to see how the photos turned out

and I was so excited to go home and tell my partner everything about my experience

and share how beautiful I felt with him. I highly encourage anyone just thinking about

doing a shoot like this to just take a leap and go for it!  You’re beautiful right here, right

now, and I know I can’t wait to do it again. XO- Lar 


Blush Beautiful Makeup Artistry

Based in Lancaster, PA