Get to Know my Clients: Kelly

This gorgeous powerhouse shares her story and experience working with

Blush Beautiful and Callisto Boudoir Photography. This clawfoot tub at

@RenewOnWalnut and floral arrangements by @wild.indigo_ are breathtaking.

I am a very confident and independent woman. That's not a surprise to most people

once they meet me. But, as someone who has struggled with body image positivity

most of my life, you better believe it took me a while to get here.

My transformation to self love happened just about a year ago. Last year, I was

diagnosed with stage four lower bowel cancer. My confidence was thrown out the


Sporting a fresh nine inch scar right in the middle of my abdomen, I was nervous that

people would pity me. That they would act differently towards me because I was so sick.

But processing my diagnosis also helped me get to that point of learning to love myself.

And not just the things I loved before. I learned to love literally everything. My scars.

My emotions. Every one of my imperfections. I learned to appreciate the little things in

my life that made me even the least bit happy.

Hanging on to all those small, fuzzy moments helped me get through some of the

toughest times of my life. All those happy moments help me get to remission, some-

thing I never thought would happen to me.

So, I am so thankful for being given an opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone.

For the chance to get dolled up so that my outer self matched the love that I have for


In Addition:

Kelly has an awesome blog that you can read here!


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