Integrity as a working Professional MUA

How can you make a greater impact on your clients and your business ?

Being a Professional Makeup Artist is about doing so much more than just 'Doing Makeup'.

Your clients rely on you to create a representation of their image, how THEY would like it to be represented . It's not about what you want, it's not about you at all honestly.

In my opinion, being a professional Makeup Artistry is in the category of Customer Service. It's not just a fun thing to do. So with that in mind:

Are you bringing professionalism?

It is important we ask ourselves these types of questions, to assess our intentions, and energies.

What does being professional mean to you?

Is the level of professionalism you're bring adequate for the surroundings you're working in?

Where are you doing really well, and where can you improve?

If you are a working or aspiring MUA, ask yourself honestly:

What do you bring to the table other than your skill set?

I encourage you to make a list, so that you can see it written/typed up. This will allow you to see greater value in yourself AND highlight the areas where there may be opportunities for growth as an artist/individual.

Your client needs you to be sensitive to their needs.

Many times we are working with people who are getting for a big event, and most likely are feeling very nervous. If we are not aware of our own energies, we can contribute unnecessary unbalance into their already heightened emotions.

Leave your personal baggage and ego at the door, and focus on making their time with you all about them. Trust me, they will appreciate it!

Interested in becoming a working Pro MUA?

Our Makeup Courses include everything from:

♡ Makeup Application Techniques

♡ Effective Communication With Clients

♡ Staying Organized

♡ Running Your Business Effectively

♡ Building your portfolio

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