Blush Beautiful Makeup Artistry

Based in Lancaster, PA

Part Makeup Artists - Part Superhero's

Hey friends! So you may be thinking, 'Did they really just call themselves superhero's?' Yes, yes we did!

What's our superpower? Helping people LOOK and FEEL their very best.

Blush Beautiful is a wife and wife team that provide professional Makeup Artistry services, 1 on 1 lessons, and educational workshops.


Melody is the lead artist has over 18 years of Industry experience. She has worked with thousands of clients of all ages, and ethnicities.

Amber has been personally trained by Melody and has been working alongside her for 2 years, making sure their events run as smoothly as possible, and with as much FUN as possible!

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In addition to having a professional makeup artistry business, Melody and Amber also have a thriving business in which they help individuals cultivate the best versions of themselves through spiritual and practical tools. That business is called Leon Consulting and Development. To learn more, visit WWW.GOLCD.NET


When we're not busy with Weddings and Workshops, we can be found with our super cute pup having family time. We love hiking and spending time in nature.

We feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of your journey!