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I am the owner of  Blush Beautiful and the creative mind behind the Makeup & Magick movement.  


Makeup and Magick is about providing people with the tools and support to look and feel their absolute best - through Makeup Lessons and Magick Sessions

I appreciate you being here and look forward to the opportunity to co-create with you!


We hope you are all staying safe during these difficult times. In an effort to make sure that we are able to stay healthy and keep others healthy as well, we are currently not offering makeup services and are only taking appointments for virtual Makeup Lessons and Magick Sessions.   

Professional Experience:


 I have been blessed to have had an amazing and versatile makeup career! I have been working as a makeup professional for 18 years. Throughout that time I have worked as an independent artist for local and national companies in film and television. I have also worked as an artist and educator for some of the leading brands in the Cosmetic Industry before venturing out as an entrepreneur offering personalized makeup lessons!

Some of my favorite accomplishments include:

  • Artist and Educator - Estee Lauder 2002-2011 

  • PA State Licensed Cosmetology Instructor 2012

  • Artist and Educator  - Lancome 2016-2018 

  • Blush Beautiful - 2018-Current

  • Lancaster Newspaper - Best Bridal Makeup Artist 2019

Magick :

Where to begin?! I am a 3rd generation Energy Worker and Intuitive Oracle. I have the gift of 'Amplification', which means that in addition to my ability to access information from the energetic realm for myself and others,

I am able to amplify your ability to access this realm for yourself! Pretty cool right?


 While most of my clients are all about 'The Woo" approach, some prefer techniques rooted in modern therapeutic techniques such as talk therapy and CBT, which I have been trained and actively practicing since 2011. Whatever your preference is to your approach to healing, I can be trusted to help guide you there safely and with compassion.

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner - 2004

  • Oracle/Tarot Card Reader - 2018

  • Spiritual Alchemy - 2010

Virtual Workshops

So here's a fun fact: Most of us are SERIOUSLY lacking in the self care department! Especially right now with all of the craziness surrounding us, we can all stand to have a little pick-me-up to get us back on track. All we really need is a little Makeup & Magic!

These personalized classes break down the techniques that are best for you and your self care goals. Want to learn how to do no-makeup, makeup for your Zoom meetings? We've got you covered! Need insight into a personal situation that is limiting your potential? Let's get you some clarity and support!

View our available Lessons and Workshops here.

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